Race Report Sunday 15th October 2017

Sunday 15th October 2017

The Frostbite series continued this week with nine boats taking to the water for the next two races of the series. In the mild, cloudy conditions with a moderate breeze belying the fact that Storm Ophelia was offshore somewhere, James H with the help of lovely wife Katie set the course and entered the start sequence as the last boats made their leisurely way out of the harbour.
The start was hotly contested by Simon in the Contender and Ed in his RS100 with Jenny in the Laser in close pursuit. A seemingly simple course had been set - but one which caused some confusion with sailors having to remember four marks (Outfall/Amroth/Monkstone/Harbour) instead of the usual three. Some decided to make it 5 or even 6 marks, as the Tasar ignored the leading boats heading for the Amroth mark and rounded the Monkstone mark for good measure. A number of others went to follow suit and were gently herded back by Peg the dog, who was out on the water with Keith and Julie (in a safety boat) - perhaps this could be a new angle for One Man and His Dog! From Amroth, most decided to take in the Pendine mark as well; it was a natural tack for the wind direction, but I still think a few felt it was compulsory… Most sailors sailed two laps of the course with Sam in the Topper being first over the line. 1st place in this race was taken by Ed, 2nd was Simon with Jenny coming in 3rd.

The second race, with a simplified course for the hard of remembering, set off in a dropping breeze. Once again, Simon and Ed battled it out for the ‘on the water’ lead. Ed had the advantage downwind but Simon caught up once again on the upwind leg. Following closely behind, Jenny in the Laser and Alan in the Tasar were fighting for 3rd position on the water, regularly swapping positions but keeping it all very civilised. Simon eventually managed to pull in front of Ed in order to take 1st place, with Ed in 2nd and Jenny narrowly missing out on 3rd on the water to Alan, although the order was reversed after handicaps were taken into account. In both races Sam won the battle of the Toppers, although Iolo, still in his first season of sailing, sailed well and had Sam worried at times.

There was some interesting wildlife out in the bay this weekend including porpoises and even a Portuguese Man O’ War. Thanks as always to OOD James and Katie and the safety crews of John, Lloyd, James R, Steve H, Keith, Julie and Peg the dog.

Don't forget about the all important AGMs approaching at the club, the WBRC AGM taking place this Friday (20th October) at 7.00pm and SSC AGM happening on the 26th November at 1.00pm. The next races are on 29th October starting at 11.30am.

Gypsea Girl