Coppets week 2022

Saundersfoot Sailing Club were pleased to be able to put on their annual Coppet week Regatta over the Spring Bank Holiday week and it was encouraging to see an upturn in numbers after recent years with a fleet of 40 boats arriving in Saundersfoot for this ever-popular family sailing week and regatta now in its 49th year!


The racing started on the Sunday with the RNLI Pennant race on a lovely sunny day with light winds, and after a keenly contested race first place was taken by Richard Instone (Chase SC) in his Solo followed by Lyndon Beasley (Greensforge SC) in his Moth and in 3rd Richie Adams (Midland SC) in an RS 300, local SSC teams Alex & Rupert Farr plus Paul and Julia Griffiths and Dave Plester also did well finish in 4th, 8th, and 12th respectively


There was more wind on Monday for the 2nd race again in brilliant sunshine and this race was won by Robin Wood (Tenby SC) in an International Canoe followed by Gareth Caldwell & Johnny Gibbons (Blithfield) in an Osprey with Rhys Jones(Tata SC) in 3rd – best local team Dave Griffiths and Maurice Clarke (Saundersfoot SC) in their Osprey.


Race 3 on Tuesday was in similar conditions and again this was won by Robin Wood followed by Dave Griffiths and Maurice Clarke ahead of Richie Adams.


Race 4 on Wednesday saw much lighter and shifting winds causing a few course changes but eventually the fleet got away, the wind did drop considerably towards the end of the race and the course was shortened with Robin Wood just doing enough to hang on to 1st place ahead of last year’s Champion Alistair James (Grafham Water) in a Solo with the Blaze of Mark Blackham (Chase SC) in 3rd and the best local ream again Dave and Maurice in 4th


The final race of the main series was again quite a light affair but this time in warmer southerly winds, this time the smaller boats were shortened early with 1st place being taken by DJ Edwards (Tata SC) in a mirror crewed by daughter Hattie with Richie Adams in 2nd and Alex & Rupert Farr in 3rd with Robin Wood in 4th and doing enough to take the overall title.


Final Overall positions:

1st - Robin Wood – Int Canoe

2nd - Richie Adams – RS300

3rd - Dave Griffiths and Maurice Clarke – Osprey (and 1st Osprey)

4th - Dan Jackson & Matt Goldwait/Chris Thompson – Osprey

5th - Mark Blackham – Blaze

6th - Richard Instone – Solo(and 1st Solo)

Class prizes:

Phantom – Dave Watkins (Chase SC)

RS200 – Alex &Rupert Farr


As is tradition over more recent years the final day sees a more informal pursuit race, the winds were very light before the start which deterred some but those who did venture out enjoyed a lovely sail in warm sunshine as the breeze filled in with the race being won by long-time visitor to Saundersfoot Paul Young and Jan Kimber in their Enterprise.

1st – Paul Young & Jan Kimber – Enterprise (Midland SC)

2nd   – Chris Winters – Laser (Midland SC)

3rd – Chris Whitehouse – Laser (Wladringfield SC)

4th – Ralph Evans – Solo (Arden SC(

5th – Ian Cooper – Streaker(Greensforge SC)

6th – Paul & Julia Griffiths –RS200 (Saundersfoot SC)


A great week was enjoyed by all in generally excellent weather and good sailing conditions, many thanks to all the visiting competitors and to all the local member’s for helping to run this great event – we will be back at the same time next year for our 50th Anniversary