Race report

Sunday 12th July 2015

Where does the time go and why always so quickly ? We are now almost at the end of the mid season race series and looking to start in a few weeks the late season which begins in August, good job we are having this heat wave that was predicted to brighten us all up. The series results were published and interesting reading they made about how close the sailing has been this year, the top 6 competitors in the series are only 18 points apart and 4 have wins to their credit. We have a junior sailor who seems to be going from strength to strength which is great for everyone as it does keep the old salts on their toes out there.

We only have 3 more races planned in this series and all to sail for, so this obviously has a bearing on why it is getting so competitive out there but also great to race and sail with such a friendly bunch who are genuinely happy for new sailors coming through the ranks and going after that end of season crown.

The first race was set, Keith was the in charge duty man today with our ever and always helpful Clare ( what would we do without her ? ) There were 10 boats out today with a few missing notables but all had a note from home with a genuine reason, included in the fleet were 8 different classes which is great to see and included a visitor Chris in an Aero.

Up went the course and off went hooters and flags with precision and unison, an Outlet – Pendine – Harbour course was showing and the wind was blowing a breezy 2 to 3. There we some scores to settle here today and off shot old Phantom boy who obviously had got his needles untangled and decided this was his type of race and was going to lead from the front, currently his to win and others to follow but how well they did follow. The course could have been suggested as to favour the Contenders who have been going really well this series and helmed by a couple of very skilful sailors by the name of Maurice and Simon. Other names are available but we will keep to the race for now but looking out to sea from where I was sitting there seemed to be another old salt on the block who previously was all loved up in the N12 and heading for a season of matrimonial bliss in the “Love Boat” but had been ousted it seems into the singles section with the rest of us.

There is though some history in this new Laser included in the fleet as it contains a previous club champion of many years in boats from the GP14, Fireball, Osprey and culminating in winning the club crown in 2004 and 2006 in a Laser as well to then follow that up in 2011 by adding the title in a Solo. Many of us sometimes like to recreate our youth and it looks like current club Dinghy Secretary Paul is looking to do that by stepping back into the Laser, glad though he is not wearing his old sailing kit as shown in the photo attached. I have heard though there may be a new Lark or RS200 joining the family so let’s wait and see, don’t forget though that there will also be a low mileage N12 on ebay soon and he will not be wanting to leave his ever loving sweetheart and skilful crew member Julia on the beach for too long.

As usual we have slipped from the race which was slightly more exciting to watch then seeing Serena Williams beating Garbine Muguruza at Wimbledon this weekend. Our club Commodore Martin may well be taking up tennis soon as his Solo is definitely not behaving itself with another non planned capsize which unfortunately had Martin retiring to a passing cruiser for a cup of tea. Captain Nemo though in the form of Jo helming the very sporty Laser 4000 with crew Megan was trying hard to lose that sinking feeling and after a couple of good sails it was off like a guided missile but apparently in the wrong direction due to some unforeseen spinnaker problems that needed Megan to walk the fore deck and trust Jo’s skilful advice to sort. ( I made that bit up but it looked a bit like what was happening out there )

The first race was won with some skilful sailing by James in his Phantom by 43 seconds to Maurice in the Contender, third place and 2 mins 40 seconds behind was that old salt and previous club champion Paul in his rejuvenated Laser.

A slight change to the second race had the fleet chasing out to an Outlet – Monkstone – Pendine – Harbour route which all seemed to be enjoying in the conditions. There were some fishy tactics going on though as Maurice was seen fishing with his net for something during the pre race cruise around but what was it we will have to wait and see. James again had a good start but was being followed even closer this time by Simon and also Hywel was going to have a crack at his first win over the fast boats out in front by hanging on close to their shirt tails.

Now what happened next is only hear say and I would definitely not condone any inaccurate reporting but as James slowed slightly on the reach to Monkstone there appeared to be a projectile jelly fish the size of Pauls trophy cabinet heading towards Phantom boy. Whatever happened out there will of course stay in the fleet but the Phantom rudder hit a large type object which looked similar to a jelly fish and put him out of race contention. Off went old Pinky though and grinning from Amroth to Wisemans and it was then up to all the others to catch him as the new race leader. Simon was going to give it a good try but had no on board ammunition to suppress the speed of Maurice and the only other close sailor was Hywel who we do need to think of a new name as he is getting into these reports ever more each week by his improved sailing skill.

The eventual winner was Maurice in his Contender, 2nd and 1 min 40 secs behind was Simon, then came Hywel in 3rd position so a good race and result for Hywel. Full race results can be found as usual on our Facebook pages.

Thanks to all on duty as we all know this could not happen with the support teams in the form this week of Terry and Brad on rescue along with Tina and Charlie and of course Keith on OOD assisted again by Clare covering flags, hooters and trolley dolly duty at the same time.


There has again been some skilful trainees out on the water this Saturday going for their RYA level sailing awards which can again be viewed by photos and reports on the Facebook pages, thanks to Jo, Malcolm along with Tina and their helpers for making this happen.

Larks Nationals

A reminder that the club will be hosting the Larks Nationals Sailing Championships 2015 from Sunday 2nd August. There has been a lot of work by a few committed members to make this happen but we need more help though only in small doses so don’t get worried. If you can spare just a few hours to help then please contact any committee member they will be very pleased to hear from you.

Friday club sailing

Due to current commitments we are not confirming if there will be any Friday sailing this week so please watch the Facebook information updates.

Next Race

Sunday 19th July which starts at 09.30am

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