April 10th Newsletter

Sunday 10th April 2016

SSC week summary Sunday 10th April


On a sunny Saturday where the beach is full of happy families and ice cream is being sold to waiting queues of holiday makers it is hard to remember sometimes that the small but dedicated OOD team were in conversation many times about the predicted weather v what we currently have and should we cancel the racing.


“Lets wait and see” or “it maybe wrong” and “how can it change so drastically in such a short space of time” and “we don’t want to disappoint the racing fleet” were a few comments and then the storm hit and the answers were all that it was a wise decision to cancel.


The tide was at the top of the harbour wall and the commercial fisherman were battling to keep their boats from crashing against the inner sea wall and damaging their prized assets. The harbour crew from SHC were working hard all day putting back in repair what the wind was trying to undo including a visitors yacht that just would not stay on it’s moorings including many faces from SSC popping down to take photos or just keep an eye on the clubs boats.


We did by chance have a rowing boat stored from WBRC which decided to go walkabout and had to be restrained against the kayak racks to stop it being blown into the newly opened 51 North restaurant. If it move over the tarmac it was going with 10 kayaks as well. All in all the club and harbour came out well after what was one of the strongest winds from the sat for a long time. There are many photos and videos to be seen on the clubs facebook pages.


A prize bit of flotsam rolled up the beach as well and this was in the form of the Amroth mark deciding that it was all too wet and windy out there and it was coming home. Good work by Paul and Tom for spotting this and the passer by who helped bring the clubs asset back into safer waters to be resisted back at sea asap before next weeks race.


Next Weeks racing

Sunday 17th April with two races starting at 14.30 and the OOD is Keith and Alison.


Club Training


This sail training plans are well under way including the very popular Push the Boat out which the club is hosting on May 20th see website for details.

Level 1-2 sailing will be July 25-29 for anyone who signs up at Push the Boat out. There are Powerboat Level 2 course planned in the diary as well but are currently fully booked.

The Bosuns Locker

The refurbished Dory is now back and under going run in trials but initial inspection from a few members is that they do not recognise it from what it looked like 2 months ago when we sent it off for repairs.



Ramblings from the locker

The club is investing in repairs and equipment that we want to keep in good order and reduce our maintenance outgoings. Located in the locker we now have some rescue boat logs to be completed along with some minor checks and engine run times to record. We also have some photo type training aids which you can view as a quick glance reminder about how to start / drive and even secure the boats back on their moorings so please look out for these.

More info on this will follow and will be available on the website.


Wednesday repair club

Wednesday is proving to be popular with helpers offering to come down and be involved, thanks to those who have contacted me and of course we all cannot make it each week but there is now a list in the locker of all the ongoing jobs that we need to be keeping up with to maintain not only the sailing fleet but the club

Coppet Week

This annual event which attracts over 70 plus boats each year along with their owners and families is well into being one of the best yet. We have secured the help of a local couple who will be running the clubhouse and organising food each day which from first viewing at the menus will mean that old Salty dog will be moving in each night for tasting.

A social calendar is being planned and the water activity is as always being crafted with precision and safety as paramount to visiting boats. Applications are coming in thick and fast and this year the club has decided to limit the numbers to 75 so do not wait until the last night to sign on as you may be disappointed.

The bar will be stocked with our very own SSC beer supplied by the local brewery along with own labelled wines from around the world and being sold at prices that you will not be disappointed with. More setail will follow but watch the website for updates and of course those tasty menu dishes being planned.


A Salty Sea Dog

Photo shows the Amroth mark coming home with club dinghy captain Paul